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ZX-DL1 Broad beans peeling machine is special dry way broad beans peeling machine, high efficiency with no pollution. After peeling, we can get the full body broad beans.
The power of this machine use 380V, 50hz, 5.5KW with Stainless steel 304 material. Our Vicia beans peeling machines can be used for a long time without rust and are easy to maintain.

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The broad bean peeling machine uses differential roll kneading and rolling to peel broad bean skin. High peeling rate, automatic separation of skin kernels, high efficiency and simple operation. The skinned broad beans can be seasoned to make snacks. 

Advantages of Broad Bean Skin Peeler Machine:
1) This peeler machine has reasonable design and compact structure,
2) Using principle of imitating hand desquamate and special machine elements, so it has high peeling rate,
3) Whole kernel rate high and non-pollution etc. advantages.
4) The machine is necessary equipment for deep processing product of almond, broad bean etc.
5) The peeled broad beans are not broken, the color is perfect, the surface is not brown, and the protein is invariant. 

Notice---Because the raw material’s moisture is difference,

customer can set up the motor speed and peeling time according to the actual. Generally speaking, the best speed is 45hz and peeling time is 3-3.5minuts. Please operate the machine as the Video.

Operation process.

① Turn on the power and press the green button. Make sure the red power light is on.

②Press the green button, then set up the motor speed to 40hz-45hz (We have set the speed 45hz).

③Pour about 5kgs raw broad beans into the top bin.

④Move the rocker of the feeding hole, let the raw broad beans go inside of the bin. The machine will peeling the beans.

⑤After 3-3.5minuts, move the rocker of the discharge hole, the finished beans will come out.

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