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The concrete pump washout bags are suitable for both line & boom pumps. Regular sizes are 175*104*37cm, 182*107*41cm, 110*110*49cm, 107*107*110cm, 51*49*51cm. (20”*20”*19”,43”*43”*19”,42”*72”*16”,42”*42”*43”.) At present we mainly produce Australian type, American type, Canadian type concrete pump washout bag, ready mix bag, General debris removal bag, chute washout bag-lined.

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What is concrete washout waste? On nearly all construction sites, concrete providers are required to wash down their chutes or pump hoppers before leaving the site. This washout waste sets to a solid and becomes both an environmental problem and an inconvenience for workers to clean up.

The BAOTE Team can OEM many kinds of Concrete Washout Bag for customers. Concrete Pump Washout Bags provides a quick and convenient solution to contain all concrete washout waste. The bag is simply placed under the chute or hopper and the slurry is contained in the plastic/polyethylene inner liner in the bag.

When the concrete is set, the bag is forkliftable with built in loops for safe and easy transportation to an offsite location. All bags are fully tested and have safe working loads listed below.

Once set, the Concrete Washout Bag and its contents creates a versatile secondary product to use for car park walls, low retaining walls or designated compounds. The bags are perfect for use in applications such as Civil Construction, Road Construction & Commercial Construction

These bags will be delivered to site with the contractor responsible for cranage & placement & removal.

Why work with BAOTE TEAM to produce Concrete Washout Bags? The BAOTE TEAM have 4 years concrete washout bag production experience. We can provide high quality with competitive price for customers. We also can give very good after-sale service for customers. Welcome concrete waste removal company contact with us, we will give you details information of the bags and give you good offer!

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