American customer booked Concrete Washout Bags


Congratulations to the US customer on the completion of 2000 concrete washout bags, size 72"*46"*16" (182*107*41CM). This bag is 185gsm+25gsm coated fabric can with water-tight PE liner, the thickness of the PE liner is 130microns. The popullar color is white color. We can print customer's logo on the bags.We also can produce 43"*43"*19", 42"*42*43", 20"*20"*19", concrete washout bag.

Concrete washout bags can be used to dispose or transport  the concrete and any type of material.,it cheaper a lot than steel washout pan,it has the advantage of durable,massive demonds and lower price.

At present, The BAOTE concrete washout bags provides a quick and convenient solution to contain all concrete washout waste. The bag is simply placed under the chute or hopper and the slurry is contained in the plastic/polyethylene inner liner in the bag.

When the concrete is set, the bag is forkliftable with built in loops for safe and easy transportation to an offsite location. All bags are fully tested by customers and  have safe working loads listed below.

Once set, the Concrete Washout Bag and its contents creates a versatile secondary product to use for car park walls, low retaining walls or designated compounds. The bags are perfect for use in applications such as Civil Construction, Road Construction & Commercial Construction


•  Adheres to environmental regulations

•  Strength-tested, tear-resistant woven polypropylene

•  Slides under ready mix chutes and pumps

•  Partially-enclosed top keeps material contained during transport

•  Small center opening minimizes spillage

•  Chain-stitched waterproof liner prevents liquids from seeping

•  Reinforced, over-lock stitching adds extra strength and structure

•  Extra sturdy reinforced poly straps for forklift portability

•  Poly pocket for accurate project identification

•  Volume capacity 32.4 cubic feet | 242.4 Gallons / 1.2 cubic yards

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Post time: Aug-16-2021