Ways to reduce the use of plastic bags

Reuse plastic bags: choose a few sturdy plastic bags and carry them around in your bag so you can shop with your own bags instead of store-supplied ones.

Reusable plastic bags are easy to carry (they can be in a small bag or even a pocket!) , and as long as you carry a few more, you can buy a lot of things, but also can be divided, so do not bring inconvenience to life. Soiled plastic bags will be used for garbage (or washed and reused) , while clean plastic bags can be reused several times.

No plastic bags: In general, cashiers tend to pack and collect cash mechanically. They didn’t have time to ask customers if they needed plastic bags. If you don’t, you don’t have to accept plastic bags, such as when buying small items like yogurt, drinks, medicine, etc. . Who says schoolbags and tote bags can’t be shopping bags? Use Reusable bags: carry your own bag with you at all times.

Count How many plastic bags you’ve used: CHECK IT OUT! Think about how many plastic bags you consume today or this week. Tell these methods to your friends and relatives, so that more people to make a contribution to the environment.

If you’re shopping for fragile items like eggs, opt for a small basket made of willow, which is eco-friendly and stylish. Shop in reusable bags whenever possible. There are also red, yellow, blue and green garbage bags. The functions of these bags on the market are mainly used for sorting garbage.

Sorting garbage is very important and is conducive to the use of recyclable garbage, household waste is usually divided into domestic waste and recyclable waste, if it is dangerous glass electromagnetic and so we can use the red garbage bag, let us do a contribution to the earth.

Post time: Apr-13-2021